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Em & Friends Sticky Notes

Style: Thank You for Existing

Price:  $ 14.00 
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Style: You are Very Smart and Pretty

Price:  $ 14.00 
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Thank You for Existing Sticky Notes: Six sticky note styles, at 40 sheets per note, equals 240 opportunities to make someone’s day. Who doesn’t like hearing how awesome they are? Nobody. Nobody doesn’t like that.

You are Very Smart and Pretty Sticky Notes: You deserve to know that you are extraordinary—and to hear why every damn day. Since other people are too self-absorbed to shower you with appropriate levels of praise—and since we can’t be there to do it ourselves—we made this sticky note packet. (By the way, your hair really does look amazing.)

F*ckin' A Sticky Notes: When you share these sweary-ass sticky notes with your favorite pottymouths, they’ll be like, “This shit’s hella tight.”

  • NSFW stationery, great gift for coworkers!
  • Six 2.75" x 2.75" pads
  • 40 sheets each

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